Born and raised in Denver, Colorado this 19 year old artist pushes to make music that transcends the normal expectancies of Hip Hop and bring a real artistry back to the craft. With his witty punchlines, simply complex music providing nothing but good vibes, and his diverse sound he is sure to never disappoint. By bringing a little something for every occasion he shows what it means to be an artist. His new project Enigmatic Ambition is soon to be released on all music streaming platforms so stay tuned. You wouldn’t want his inevitable rise to blindside you!

In the true spirit of Hip Hop XRAYE issues a warning shot out to all the liars, cheats, fakes, and clout chasers daring someone to challenge him in his new track Don’t Walk, (A remix to Young M.A’s single “Walk”). Using his intricate lyricism and much needed aggression he delivers a performance reminiscent of diss tracks of the past such as No Vaseline and Ether. A true testament to why you shouldn’t try to “Walk” over Ruby Jean.

Ways To Get In Touch With XRAYE:

Facebook: Xraye Smith

Instagram: @_xraye_